Signature Tutorial

Going to show you how to create a forum signature like the one above



Paint Shop Pro
I have used version 9, though this will work in your version. settings maybe different
Render/tube of choice
I have used one from Lia
Texture of choice
I have used one from Rosesylla at Deviant Art
You can download this pack HERE
Filters Unlimited 2.0



Open a new document that is 600x250px


Open the render/tube that you want to use and Edit >> Copy and Edit Paste As New Layer
You will need to go to Layers >> Duplicate so it covers the whole canvas


Go to Layers >> New Raster Layer and click OK
Now go back to your render and go to Image >> Resize and resize to what you think is suitable
Do the same as Step Two until the whole canvas is filled


With the top layer active go to Effects >> Distortion Effects >> Pixelate
Change the block width and height to 25 and the symmetric is checked


Still on the top layer go to Effects >> Plugins >> I.C.NET Software >> Filters Unlimited 2.0
Click on the Navigator Tab and select special effects and select Square bumps
Leave the settings alone and click apply


Click on the eye to turn off that layer at the moment and click on the bottom layer
Activate it and with the Smudge Brush Tool, use the following settings:

Shape: Circle
Size: 50
Hardness: 50
Step: 5
Density: 100
Thickness: 100
Rotation: 0
Opacity: 50
Use all layers: Unchecked

Now start smudging until you feel that its right to you


Click on the top layer, unhide it and make it active
Change the top layer to either Soft Light, Hard Light or Overlay
I have gone for Overlay


Now select your chosen texture and open it up
Add a new layer and fill that with a colour from your render/tube
Choose either Color or Color(L) and merge visible the layer together
Copy and paste that to your signature and move it to where you think is suitable
Change the layer to where you think is best
I have gone for Hard Light
I've done this twice with the second layer to Screen
Flatten all of the layers


Go back to your render/tube and copy and paste that to your signature background
Move that to where you think is suitable
Ctrl & A >> Ctrl & F >> Ctrl & Shift & F
Go to Selections >> Modify >> Feather and the number of pixels to about 40
Selections >> Invert and hit delete about twice on the keyboard


You can leave it at the last step or you could add a border
Create a new layer and fill that in black
Selections >> All, Selections >> Modify >> Contract
Number of pixels 10 and click OK
Press delete on the keyboard and deselect
Change the layer mode to your suiting and I've gone for Soft Light
Add your name, the correct copyright and save as JPG or PNG

Below is another signature using the same steps above
This time I have used another texture from Carllton
again from Deviant Art and you can download the pack HERE

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