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Saturday, 2 February 2019

CT BNB - All for Love

This tutorial was written for those with knowledge of Photoshop
If you don't have Photoshop then this can easily be converted
for Paint Shop Pro or GIMP



PTU kit called All for love from BitsNBobs which you can get HERE
Mask used CrispifiedMask024.jpg from Crispified HERE
Font used Spirulina for the main and GelPen, Tahoma or Arial for copyright HERE


These are the settings that I usually use if your using a drop shadow

Blend Mode: Normal or Multiply
Opacity: 75 or 100%
Angle: 120
Distance & Spread: 0px
Size: 10px
(This tutorial I have used the default drop shadow settings)


MuRa's Meister Copies Filter


Open a new document of 700x700px

In the elements folder open AFL-41.png, and 100px
in both height and width
Go to Filter >> MuRa's Meister >> Copies and use
the settings from the image below:

In the papers folder open AFL-paper-3.jpg and resize
Grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool and make a rough circle
around your frame
Select >> Inverse, Delete on your keyboard
and then Select >> Deselect

Back in your elements folder open AFL-53.png
Resize to your liking, copy and paste as a new layer
Grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool again and select
the unwanted bit from your element below

Click on the top layer, open AFL-63.png
and resize (if you wish)
Copy and past that as a new layer and position
Check my final tag for the position

Below is the order of the other elements that I've used
Up to you on the size and check my tag for the position
If any of the elements are mirrored the go to Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal

AFL-64 (Free Rotate 15 degress)
AFL-54 (Free Rotate 142 degrees)
AFL-46 (Free Rotate 75 degrees)

Merge visible all of the layers, open the paper that you want to
use and the mask and resize both to 700px
First copy and paste the paper, then the mask and apply
If you want to learn how to use masks in Photoshop then
you can view my tutorial here
Finally apply your name the correct copyright and save as png


This tutorial was written by Neptunia Tutorials
Any resemblance to any other tutorial or tag is purely coincidental
All my tutorials act as a guide only